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Why Hybrid Propulsion? Innovation that transcends existing technologies


Low cost and high efficiency

A key technology, development and selling point of the HyImpulse launcher development is its low-cost, high efficiency hybrid propulsion system. HyImpulse is developing hybrid rocket engines using advanced paraffin-based fuels and liquid oxygen. This is the key point for reducing the launch cost compared to liquid rocket propulsion systems and solid rocket motors, as well as classical hybrid propulsion systems:


  • Both propellants are the most affordable (in comparison to H2O2 and HTPB) and the safest propellants (LOX/Paraffin are green and non-toxic whereas H2O2 and HTPB are both hazardous and more difficult to use).
  • LOX is by far the oxidizer with the highest performance for hybrid rocket engines. Our propellants offer more than 40 sec higher specific impulse compared to hydrogen peroxide or nitrous oxide, which is an increase of about 14%.
  • The combustion chamber technology is simple: The advanced paraffin-based fuels have a high regression rate and are mechanically stable at the same time, due to the carefully refined and validated formula that HyImpulse uses. HyImpulse’s paraffin formulation is unique in Europe. The high regression rate makes it possible, that the fuel has a simple cylindrical shape, which outperforms the classical fuels like HTPB in a significant way, both in thrust to weight ratio and fuel residuals. The superior performance (specific Impulse - Isp) of the hybrid engine has been demonstrated already in the HEROS 3 rocket launches with more than 97% combustion efficiency.
  • HyImpulse will use state of the art lightweight structure technology, developing composite tanks for the liquid oxidizer, composite structures and composite combustion chambers.


You want to find out more about our technology, competences and previous experiences?

Have a look at our public articles on the AIAA website. We are proud to see that our article “Hybrid Experimental Rocket Stuttgart: A Low-Cost Technology Demonstrator” is currently the most-read article in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets from AIAA. In addition, our publication “Viscosity and Regression Rate of Liquefying Hybrid Rocket Fuels” in the Journal of Propulsion and Power is also in the top 5 of the most read articles.